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Exporting Aquarium


Currently,marine aquarium with brighter colors is the most popular in the market.

Aquarium is a container for raising plants and animals in water.Normally,at least one side of the aquarium is transparent glass and the other sides are high-density plastic.In the aquarium,plants and animals are living in water(usually for fish,but also for invertebrates,amphibians,marine mammals or reptiles)

Aquarium could be categorized as following:

A.Normal glass:Emerald color,fragile,less transparent.It can be aged or deformed by rain and sunlight,so not recommended for making into fish tank.

B.Float glass:Glass paste goes through the controlled gate into the tin tank.Affected by gravity and its surface tension,it will float on the surface on molten tin,then enter into the cooling tank to make both sides of the glass smooth and even.After that,the ripple will disappear.Dark green with no waving ripple,float glass has good transparency and tenacity.

C.Tempered glass:Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass in high strength,obtained by heating the glass to the softening point and then cooling it sharply in air.In the aspect of anti-bending property,tempered glass is four to five times stronger than normal glass,and anti-impacting is five times stronger as well.It has good thermal stability,which could withstand severe temperature changes without damage.The biggest advantage of tempered glass is safety,because the glass will turn into cellular granule after broken,will not bring about hurts to people.It could not be cut,drilled or notched,so it is not recommended to be made into aquarium.

D.Acrylic glass:A glass material stays between synthetic glass and normal glass,originally used in airplanes.Angled fish tanks at earlier times mostly adopted acrylic glass because of light-weight and strong tenacity.It has to be made as a whole unit and easily gets scratched(seems to be same as synthetic glass)with low transparency.

E.Synthetic glass:It is also known as PMMA,an important thermoplastics,equipped with good transparency,chemical stability,easy dyeing and processing.But its tenacity is low,thus we do not recommend to use as fish tank,except for small artistic tank.

F.Ceramics:It suits for home decoration.

G.Stone:It has various kinds,and the most common products including jade fish tank,marble fish tank,sandstone fish tank,etc.Different designs and patterns could be carved in it.