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Aquarium refers to a transparent container with water and live tropical fish or goldfish, mostly made of glass. It functions mostly as a decoration.

Aquarium is not only the home of the fish, it also functions as a way for family members to enjoy life. Spotless double sided float glass not only creates a warm home for the fish, but also guarantees the safety of the whole living room environment. In Feng Shui field, aquarium is the necessary part for home decoration. Fish tank is able to merge into the environment perfectly and functions as good spiritual inspiration for homes, offices and commercial space.

A. Fish jar: A jar shaped container is made for observing fish, mostly in glass.

B. Fishbowl: A bowl shaped aquarium sets for containing live fish, like tropical fish or goldfish. Fishbowl is majorly playing an ornamental role.

C. Lucky (Fengshui) aquarium:Wish good luck for fortune and wisdom.

D. Negative pressure aquarium:It is also called as magical tank, vacuum tank, or Space tank. It distinguishes itself from the normal tank (traditionally opened up from top).