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Ultra-white Aquarium


Ultra-white glass is a super-transparent and low-iron glass.It is a kind of high quality glass in high end,functions in multiple ways.Its transmittance is higher than 91.5%.Ultra-white glass looks crystally clear and elegant,which contributes to its title of"Crystal Prince"in glass family.Ultra-white glass is equipped with all the great properties of good quality float glass,in physical,mechanical and optical properties,thus can go through various kinds of deep processing,just as float glass.

Advantages of Ultra-white glass:

A.Low rate of self-detonation

Due to raw materials of ultra-white glass generally contain less impurities such as NiS and the refined melting procedure from raw material,the ultra-white glass has an even composition and less impurity than normal glass.It may considerably reduce the self-detonation possibility after tempering.

B.Color consistency

Iron content in the raw materials of ultra-white glass is only ten percent of or even less compared with normal glass.Therefore,the glass will absorb less light in green band of light spectrum of visible light,which ensures color consistency.

C.High transmittance of visible light and good transparency

With higher than 91.5%of the visible light transmittance,ultra-white glass with crystally clear quality could present objects more clear by highlighting the true appearance of the exhibits.

D.Low ultraviolet transmittance

Ultra-white glass has the lower absorption of ultraviolet than normal glass,and is widely used in anti-ultraviolet field such as museums.It can effectively reduce the transmittance of ultraviolet rays and slow down the fading and aging speed of all kinds of exhibits,especially good for historical relics protection.

E.Big market and high technology leading to high profit

Ultra-white glass is relatively high-technology product,but is difficult to keep in control during production.It has a relatively stronger profitability compared with normal glass.Good quality brings about its expensive prices.At present,the selling price of ultra-white glass is one time or twice than that of normal glass.The cost is not too much higher than that of normal glass,while the technical barrier is relatively higher and offers great added value.