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Showcase Glass


Showcases are mainly used in jewelry display,mobile phone display,and beauty products display etc.Showcases are secure and environmental friendly,and have wonderful display functions but at low cost.Showcases are favored by most retailers and are adopted in many shopping malls and stores.

Light weighted Showcase:Light weighted showcase has a versatile structural system,which could be widely used for assembling light rack,counter,tool cart,suspension system,security net and supportive structure.The length of punched angle steel can be achieved quickly by cutting according to the measurement.Also it can be assembled,corrected and re-installed with screws as you wish.It can not only meet the needs of well-planned project,but also satisfy the need of emergency use.

Attic-Type Showcase:With fully combined structure,it can be made of wood plate,patterned board,steel plate and other materials.Being designed flexibly into two or more layers,it is suitable for hardware tools.Good for placing electronic equipment,mechanical accessories and other items of small packaging storage,attic-type showcase could deposit various goods to make full use of space.

Special Showcase:It usually includes six types of products such as mould rack,oil bucket rack,fluency glass display cabinet,grid frame,climbing car,and net compartment.

Gallery-Type Showcase:It is designed to store large quantities of cargo in pallets.The pallets are stored one by one with supporting trails in depth direction,which increases the storage density and improves the utilization ratio of space.These shelves are usually used in places where storage fees are expensive,such as freezing warehouse.There are four basic components of gallery-type showcase:frames,supporting trails,pallet trails and diagonal bars.The warehouse utilization ratio is quite high and it can realize first-in-first-out,or first-in-last-out.It is suitable for storing goods with large quantities but less varieties,and batch operations.Gallery-type showcase could optimize space utilization and forklift trucks can enter the cargo lane directly for loading and unloading.

High Mechanical-Type Showcase:It is suitable for storing goods with low inventory flow,ranging from 20%to 30%.It could be used in less frequently used warehouse.High mechanical-type showcase has 60%floor utilization.