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Furniture Glass


Glass is categorized into different kinds. We will introduce briefly based on the transparency, color, and function.

Common glass: This does not need to explain.

Frosted glass: One side with sand granular, the other side is common glass, semi-transparent.

Atomized glass: The glass appears to have a layer of mist, no handprint left and it is easy to scrub.

Emulsion glass: The edge of the glass is common glass, about half a centimeter. The middle part is similar to the atomized glass in white foggy color, which could insulate ray.

Wired glass: Green color mixed with white color, no handprint left, a good fit for metal texture furniture for a modern looking.

Laminated glass: Glass is laminated, barely visible. It is in high density and is good for making into bed, while its expenses are high.

Metal glass: The metal grain is rolled into glass, along with high density in unique shape.

Reflecting glass: The metal or metal compound is sprayed on the glass surface to produce a uniform metal oxide film. Due to the thickness of the metal oxide film, it can present different colors with high performance of thermal insulation.

Insulating glass: Insulating glass is made by two pieces of glasses, separated by dry air or argon or other special gases.

Tempered glass: The flat glass is heated near the softening point and the glass surface is cooled rapidly. So that the compressible stress is distributed on the surface, while the tensile stress is in the central layer.